RockChisel 0.7

It's important to have a documentation system that fits the way you want to work, and mostly tries to stay out of your way.

Rock Chisel is a static web site generator. It generates technical documentation or simple HTML websites. It generated this website, as you will find out as you read more.

Michael DeHaan created Rock Chisel based on his experience creating the Ansible project and managing the documentation infrastructure around it for many years. In those days, Michael used Sphinx. Sphinx is powerful, but Rock Chisel is intended to be easier to use, while also looking a bit more modern out of the box.

Most significantly, Rock Chisel files and templates are just HTML. Rock Chisel helps you format and reuse snippets of HTML to make your life easier, but it doesn't make you code in Markdown or Restructured Text.

Rock Chisel is not designed for auto-generating documentation from source code or running blogs. Otherwise, the framework will continue to grow and evolve over time, and discussion on a wide variety of potential features is welcome. Follow @rock_chisel on twitter to be notified of updates and new capabilities.


Rock Chisel is MIT-licensed free software.