Here's How To Participate In The RockChisel project...


RockChisel is hosted on BitBucket. Any submissions should be pull requests to the master branch. Help with Javascript and CSS upgrades are especially welcome, but please talk to us first. It is better to discuss ideas prior to implementation to avoid redundant efforts - email Michael to discuss any ideas. Please do not submit any reformatting code changes, as these will be rejected.


RockChisel is tested by generating the documentation for RockChisel with RockChisel. Humans are required to interpret this test.


Please file tickets in BitBucket if you hit an exception and can't fix it with a pull request. Please email feature ideas, do not file feature request tickets.


If you are using RockChisel and liking it, feel free to let us know, as we like hearing from folks. You can tweet at @rock_chisel or email Michael.


The current list of ideas, sometimes in order, is kept in